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Shop's Logo

Shop is an online shop-application that appears in Career Mode of PC Building Simulator.


Shop (named as BITs and PCs) is online shop application that available on Omega System.


  • CPUs
  • Motherboards
  • CPUs Cooling
  • Memory
  • Graphic Cards
  • Storage
  • Power Supplies
  • Cable
  • Cases
  • Case Fans
  • Misc. (USB Sticks, Application and Player Configuration).

Delivery Options

There are 3 delivery option,

  • Next-day delivery, the standard option which costs 30 dollars
  • Same day delivery, Spawns the parts immediately on the loading bay, but costs 100 dollars
  • 3 to 5 working days, 10 dollars.


  • Shop's icon resembles PC Building Simulator's symbol except it has grey and red color on it.
  • In Esports Expansion and IT Expansion, Player can set free delivery on all delivery options.
  • A tablet version of Shop also available in IT Expansion and had same appearance with PC's counterpart.