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Shean is one of the three non-existing companies of PC Building simulator, the other two being Mortoni and DFL. They manufacture a wide-range of products including RAM sticks, Nvidia graphic cards, power supplies, and SSDs.


RAM sticks

Graphics Cards


Power Supplies


  • Shean SoundFusion


  • Shean, along with Mortoni and DFL products are usually lowly priced which make them suitable for budget builds.
  • Their RAM stick and Graphic Card share the overall design with the DFL.
  • All of their power supplies are modular, which is rarely seen in real life products of that price range.
  • Their 120GB SSD has the same price tag as the ADATA Ultimate SU650 120GB SSD.
  • Shean's logo is only seen in their SSD. Similar like Mortoni's HDD.