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Day release

IT Expansion was released on October 28, 2021. It was the second DLC of PC Building Simulator published by The Irregular Corporation after Esports Expansion. Unlike Esports Expansion, this expansion is free and included when player updated to newer version.


Like Esports Expansion, It features 3 new workshops in Career mode (base game, don't mistake it with DLC mode ) and Free mode (also base game). Every Workshop has printer.

Basic Workshop

Your desk is near a rolling door (the door can't be used) with the Calendar hanging next to it. Next to your desk is a workbench and PC Storage Cupboard. The second workbench is on the left wall while the third workbench is behind you. The workshop also include a furniture shelve as the left side of your functional door way and Delivery area on the right side.

The 2nd Workshop

Executive Workshop

Other Places

Some Jobs offers on-site jobs which require player to go on that place (the place are inaccessible during Free Gameplay) and if player buy components on tablet, player must return to player's workshop for retrieve components before go to that place again.