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Day release

Esports Expansion was released on 4 Aug, 2020. It was the first DLC of PC Building Simulator published by The Irregular Corporation.


It features 3 new workshops in Career mode (base game, don't mistake it with DLC mode) and free mode (also base game).

In Esports DLC mode, you will have access to Back Stage, The Arena, and The Match.

The 3 Workshop will feature new vanity look but kept all the functionality the same as base game. You still have 4 desks: One is yours and three Workbench.

The delivery area has room for 8 boxes. The workshop will have some banners and you aren't allowed to change it.

The space and layout will be different between 3 workshops.

The 1st Workshop

Your desk is near a rolling door (the door can't be used) with the calendar hanging next to it. Next to your desk is a workbench and PC Storage Cupboard. The second workbench is on the left wall while the third workbench is behind you. The workshop also include a furniture shelve as the left side of your functional door way and Delivery area on the right side.

The 2nd Workshop

This workshop is kind a nice. Your desk is located in the middle of the room, there will also be a small fish tank on your desk. The delivery area is on a shelve right next to your Desk with a workbench next to it, very convenient. The furniture shelve is at the end of the room, before that is Inventory shelve and PC Storage Cupboard facing each other. And on the right side of your Desk is the second Workbench.

The 3rd Workshop

That last one to offer in Esports DLC featuring a big dark room theme with purple light (you aren't allowed to change the light) and triangle shape on the wall. Four of the desk will be symmetrical to each other in the middle of the room. Your delivery area will be on the left side of the double door (the box has a black bottom with purple top), next to PC Storage Cupboard. Despite having 3, 4 shelve, you only allow to use 2 of it storing 4 Box each shelve, what a shame. Your Inventory will be on the right side of the double Door, a green line will glow as the edge when you hover to the middle Shelve, showing you only store thing as the middle shelve and not the upper nor lower shelve.


The Backstage

Player has chance to check esports player's computer before start of the matchday. Player has given limited time to complete the task (the timer can be disabled but it prevent Player to get few achievements). If player had done, player can confirm that player had finished for checking their computer.

The Arena

Player should quickly put their computer (depend on task which have fixed seat position) to the table and turn on the PC. After player finished, player can confirm that player had finished for setting up their computer.

The Matchday

Player have to wait for few seconds to see the final result. If the final result not appeared, there are Maintenance Time which player must solved the problem quickly such as clean the spillage or replace broken components in limited time. The final result will appear and displaying the score between player's team and rival's team. If the player wins, player would given rating and message. Player can only move into other team during the final league's week.


  • All Games on Esports Expansion are parodied such as,
    • Heart of Stone (Hearthstone)
    • Fortfight (Fortnite)
    • Soccar (Rocket League)
    • Strike Back : GO (Counter Strike : GO)


  • Esports Expansion including Smartphone. All apps are parodied such as,
    • Whazzup (WhatsApp)
    • Likedin (Linkedin)

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