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PC Building Simulator is a computer-building simulation video game developed by The Irregular Corporation and Romanian independent developer Claudiu Kiss and published by The Irregular Corporation. The premise of this game revolves around owning and running a workshop which builds and maintains computers, especially gaming computers.

PC Building Simulator was initially released for early access in March 2018 and officially released in 29 January 2019 on Steam. The game is compatible with the Windows operating system, and utilizes the OpenGL programming interface and based on Unity engine.


PC Building Simulator has three modes: Career, Free Build, and How to Build a PC which is a tutorial, with each mode having different play styles.


The player has responsibility of a workshop named Tim's Red Hot Repair where he/she must complete tasks that involve such as modifying pre-built computers, removing viruses, adding new parts, diagnosing or building a brand new computer to earn in-game cash, which can be spent on purchasing new or used parts. After each completed task, the player earns a certain amount of experience points. When a certain amount of experience is reached, the player levels up, unlocking newer and more advanced parts, alongside unlocking some new tasks.

In order to acquire parts, the player must buy them from the fictional online stores, which sell new parts in Bits & PCs or used parts in PC Bay. For new parts, the player can choose between different shipping services:

  • Next-day delivery, the standard option which costs 30 dollars
  • Same day delivery, which spawns the parts immediately on the loading bay, but costs 100 dollars
  • 3 to 5 working days, a slow but cheap delivery which costs only 10 dollars.

Used parts have free shipping in PC Bay, but they usually take several days or even a couple of weeks to arrive. There is also a calendar that tracks the estimated delivery date for each product bought and the deadlines for the customers' orders.

As the player progresses, they will start seeing larger sums of cash stored in their banks, which could be spent improving their workshop. Some of the upgrades include two additional workbenches (needed to accomplish tasks with more efficiency which unlocked at Level 5 and Level 12) and a cabinet (used to store computers and reduce clutter). The player can also buy apps and tool upgrades to improve the progress.

The player starts the game with a basic computer that can keep up with all the tasks required in order to fulfill the customers' orders. However, as the game progresses, the player can fully customize their own PC (or even build a new one from scratch), either for convenience or mere aesthetics. There is also an optional leaderboard that lists the best PCs built by the other players during their own career.

The Player can recive emails from his uncle (in the story), Tim, which owns the workshop (that's why the name of the workshop is Tim's Red Hot Repairs). These emails are where you can buy stocks of the shop to have ownership of the workshop. When reaching 25% ownership, you can change the name of the workshop to whatever you want.

You recieve these emails to buy the stocks when you reach levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30.

The player must pay the rent for the shop each month which costs $500, as well as the electricity bill.


The Inbox is where the player receives in-game email messages from potential customers, and other messages ranging from discount alerts, to spam and plain scams. The player can accept or reject each request.

Potential requests from customer in Inbox includes: Virus removal, system upgrades, diagnosing and fixing systems, or building an entirely new personal computer to fulfill the requirements of said orders such as 3DMark Score, Overclocking, following the system requirements of the some apps which can see in Will it Run. Depending on the amount of spending required for each request from customers such as budget and components, the customers often always give the player a substantial profit margin. However, after accepting an order, unfulfilled requests are automatically rejected from returning to the customer, meaning that the player cannot simply conduct cash grab by doing nothing with the PC.

As the game advances, timed jobs become more common. Being unable to conduct jobs within the limit will result in the customer revoking their order and giving a low rating.

Free Build

The Free Build mode is the sandbox mode of the game. The player is given unlimited money, and all the parts, workbenches and tools are unlocked from the start. Players are free to play the game without the constraint of constant jobs such as creating a new PC.

How to Build a PC

This mode provides a detailed tutorial in order to teach a how to build a proper PC.


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