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DFL is one of the three made up companies that does not exist in the real world in PC Building Simulator, the other two being Mortoni and Shean. Their product line consists of monitors, AMD Radeon graphic cards, motherboards and RAM sticks.



RAM Sticks

Graphics cards




  • DFL, along with Mortoni and Shean products are usually lowly priced which make them suitable for budget builds.
  • Their graphic cards and RAM sticks have the same designs found in Shean ones.
  • Their motherboards share the same design and specs with the Mortoni ones.
    • However, DFL's motherboard has higher specs than Mortoni in Max RAM Capacity
  • Their motherboards have higher price tag than other superior products from real-life companies (i.e. Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3, MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon) although they lack CPU overclocking and multi-GPU support.
  • Their Motherboards was originally labeled as Z170, this was later changed to better suit their capability.